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Tom Hanks' debut book is due in October

Tom Hanks is putting his love of vintage typewriters to good use _ his collection of short stories will be published in October

Lindsay Lohan Speaks Out on Racial Profiling

Lindsay Lohan is making head turning headlines once more, but this time it’s not for bad behavior! The actress was on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday and revealed during a recent trip to New York, she was stopped by airport security for what she was wearing. “I was flying to New York Recently I was wearing a head scarf and I got stopped. She opened my passport and saw Lindsay Lohan and started immediately apologizing.” Lilo goes on to say she was double-checked by security, then was told to take off the head scarf and that the whole situation made freaked her out. Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid asked point blank if Lohan was in the process of converting to Islam, not because of the headless, but because she was a few years prior with the Quran (KOR-AHN) in tow. Lohan revealed she practices it, reads it daily for solice and peace. Piers did back Lohan into a corner, badgering her with questions regarding her conversion to Islam and at one point you can tell she gets defensive and rattled. Once Piers eased up on Lohan, the conversation shifted to her iconic past movie roles and a new show she is starting called “Nerd.” Pretty much, Lindsay Lohan hacks and takes over your social media for 24 hours. There were also reports out earlier this week saying Lindsay Lohan is asking for the role of Ariel if ‘The Little Mermaid’ gets made into live-action movie. She used Instagram as her outlet to get people to support her dream of becoming ariel. Granted the caption only says #thelittlemermaid, which could mean, Hey look at my hair it looks like Ariel’s, but supposedly she had another caption that was taken down pretty much demanding Disney to make it with her as ariel, her sister singing the theme song, and a particular director. Well Lindsay we hope your dreams of Ariel some day come true, just like her dreams of being a human did, although she lost her voice, so I wonder what you would have to give up. Anywho, let me know what you think about Lindsay’s run-in with airport security in the comments below!

See the Social Media Clues Hoda Kotb Adopted and…

Hoda Kotb definitely shared a few hints that she was planning to adopt.

Britney Spears' Boyfriends: Then and Now

We all remember her pop music romance with Justin Timberlake but there's so much more. Take a look.

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Emma Stone's Best Red Carpet Looks

A look back at the young star's award winning style.

Ashlee Simpson Shares Birthday Message For Dad…

Ashlee Simpson is wishing her father an extra special happy birthday, as his cancer battle continues. The singer posted a heartwarming photo of her and dad Joe Simpson on his big day, calling him her "sunshine" in the caption. But, of course, Ashlee wasn't Joe's only loved one to help celebrate.

After Making Millions in China, 'The Great Wall…

Despite three new films premiering this weekend, Matt Damon's "The Great Wall" was the only one to crack the top three at the box office.

Milo Yiannopoulos resigns as editor of Breitbart…

Milo Yiannopoulos has resigned as editor of Breitbart Tech after coming under fire from other conservatives over comments on sexual relationships between boys and older men

Katy Perry 'Chained to the Rhythm' New Music Video

You Guys Katy Perry is back on the scene with the release of her music video for “Chained to the Rhythm.” And let’s just say, it’s a tad weird, but that’s typical Katy Perry! The music video starts off with Katy Perry in one of her signature colored wigs and a plastic, patent leather space suit. Like I said, it’s a bit out there, but that’s why we love Katy Perry her videos and songs are always out there! She enters this futuristic amusement park called Oblivia where people go into houses that swing and drop, roller coasters that go off the tracks and somehow miraculously make it back onto the tracks, Yeah that;s some Final Destination ish, and a big concrete Hamster wheel. Right off the bat you can tell Katy is trying to make a statement about society today when a group of people following her in the amusement park are on their futuristic iPads and taking selfies of themselves, versus watching what is happening around them. Never one to shy away from controversy or politics, Katy definitely has some subtle political messages intertwined throughout her lyrics and video, one line in particular says, “We all think we are free, drink this one’s on me. We are all just chained to the rhythm.” Possible jab at the new president? Side note: Katy has been a proud supporter of the Democratic party, campaigning for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Cool thing about this video, despite some it being CGI and green screened, it was actually filmed at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. The park was shut down for three days in January and Katy Perry threw up pastel colored everything all over the park! Katy, you never cease to amaze me! Despite the beat being a bit slower than your typical dance-party music, I really like the message you are sending here! You can watch the entire video on Vevo, so check it out, but what are your thoughts so far from what you’ve heard? Is this going to be her next big hit? Let me know in the comments below!

Judge orders R&B singer Chris Brown to stay away…

A judge has ordered R&B singer Chris Brown to stay away from his ex-girlfriend after she accused him of physically abusing and threatening her

Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx target of racial slur…

Croatian police have filed disorderly conduct charges against two people who allegedly used a racial slur to insult Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx in a restaurant

Hungary's Berlin film fest winner Enyedi to adapt…

The Hungarian director whose "On Body and Soul" won the top award at the Berlin Film Festival says her next project is an adaptation of 'The Story of My Wife," a Hungarian novel from 1942

You TOTALLY Missed This Spice Girls Mini-Reunion…

here was a mini- Spice Girls reunion… and get this ON BROADWAY! Like WTF, thanks for the heads up Spice Girls. Okay, I guess I need to cool my jets, because it wasn’t a full-blown Broadway musical production, but some lucky fans at a broadway show got a free Spice show! During her last performance in “Chicago the Musical,” Mel-B, that’s Scary Spice to jog your memory, was up on stage playing the iconic role of Roxy Hart. It was during one of her numbers she broke character to say: “I want to tell you something, so here’s a story from A-Z” And if you couldn’t hear that earth shatter screams, the crowd went nuts!! Mel-B laughed it off and went straight back into character. She also posted a throwback photo of her as Scary Spice with the girls on IG, with the caption, “Me walking off broadway last night at my last show.” As much as I loved this little snippet of what COULD be to come if a Spice Girls reunion does in fact happen, some other Broadway enthusiasts weren’t as excited. One audience member went on the Broadway World public forum to say, “I just saw Mels final performance as Roxie and she broke character 3 times during Roxie. Is this a normal thing that occurs during a star’s final performance in this show? Is it condoned?” One response was, “Not only is it not common, it is an insult to her fellow performers/the production team/the paying audience/the profession. May her D- talent never make its way onto the professional stage again.” And another said, “There’s a reason why she doesn’t have much of a career now.” Now there were a few people who came to her defense and enjoyed the break in character. On response said, “Yes- people frequently do little things in their final performances. It’s no big deal. (Kristin Chenoweth did a LOT for her last show in Wicked” Clearly from the throwback Spice Girls pic, Mel B was very proud of her spicy moment onstage! Either way, I love theatre; I love the Spice Girls and I LOVE the fact that Mel B shared her past musical career, if even for a second, with us during that show! Do you think if was unprofessional of Mel B to break character, or would you absolutely die to see this happen in real life? Also, what are some of your fave 90’s bands? Let me know in the comments below!!!

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'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Chad Johnson Wants to…

The former 'Bachelorette' villain also speaks out to ET about Corinne Olympios - he says they've been texting! Plus, what he's up to now: including his own fitness plan.

Baby Chanel Hits Her First Runway Show

Ice-T and Coco's daughter appears in her first fashion show during New York Fashion Week. Tune in!

Brie Larson On Starring In 'Kong: Skull Island…

"Kong: Skull Island" star Brie Larson sits with Access Hollywood's Liz Hernandez and talks about shooting the film. Plus, what was it like for Brie to shoot in remote locations? "Kong: Skull Island" is in theaters on March 10.

Shooting gets underway for Han Solo 'Star Wars' film

The Han Solo "Star Wars" spin-off has begun production

Little Mix Member Jesy Nelson Has a New Boyfriend

After heartbreak comes a new life and new love! We’ve seen Perrie Edwards do it after her engagement to Zayn Malik was called off and now we are seeing another Little Mix star falling fast! Jess Nelson might be a little crazy in love, okay, maybe it’s more like a little in like, because she’s been spotted out with a fellow Brit, who is Hunk-adacious (yeah, I just made that up!) Nelson is reportedly moving on from her own engagement. The reported lucky new guy is Chris Clark. He’s a an actor on the British scripted-reality TV soap opera called, “The Only Way is Essex,” or TOWIE! And wow oh wow is he a hottttiiieee!! She was spotted getting down on the dance floor with Chris Clark, even getting a lil sultry to Missy Elliot’s “Work It.” According to Bang Showbiz, this little get down on the dance floor could be a sign that they’re starting a new romantic relationship. And to really seal the deal the two started following each other on Instagram earlier this month, which fuels this romance fire even more! I know, I know, you might be asking yourself, Maddie, who cares people follow each other every day on social media, but I AM TELLING YOU GUYS, when this happens between celebrities who are then spotted out together, it means more than just a simple follow!! Now Jesy did say in an interview with the Sunday People, she is free, single and loving life, and even wanting to experience flirting with an American guy.” Girl, don’t waste your time. As we know she was engaged not that long ago to Jake Roche and finally announced their split in November of last year. They were together for 18 months and she gushed to multiple outlets the pair were very much in love, and the engagement was meant to add more meaning to their relationship. After the split she spoke to radio station Z100 and said, “When you break up with someone it’s awful. But at the end of the day, you need something that makes you feel empowered that makes you think, ‘I don’t need you anymore.’” Well Jesy, clearly Little Mix’s song “Shot out to my ex” preaches that and you are just slaying this single phase in your life. I hope things work out whether that be with Chris or that American you wanna flirt with! Little Mix fans, what are your feelings on Jesy moving on so soon after her split and these new romance rumors? Shout it out below!

Artists seek $1.25 million for Bowie memorial in…

Artists and activists want to create a permanent memorial to David Bowie in the London neighborhood where he was born

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Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her Newest, YOUNGEST…

Move over boys because there’s another hunky singer vying for Jennifer Lopez’s heart! And you'll never guess who it is! He's always tugging at a woman’s heart strings, and hey good for him for accomplishing to make JLo giddy with excitement. Jennifer Lopez was on the Ellen DeGeneres show today where she revealed to Ellen, who is very good at getting people to air their dirty laundry, that the she has a girl-crush on One Direction’s Harry Styles. The moment of truth came out when Ellen played ‘Who’d you Rather’ with the 47-year- old. Lopez was given the options of Harry Styles, Nick Jonas, Zac Efron, Brad Pitt, and more! She chose Harry Styles EVERY TIME!!!! Umm…. I’d rather all of them… except maybe Brad, he’s an oldie but goodie, but let’s be real he can’t compete with any of those young bachelor’s. Okay, so there was a few times she strayed away from Styles, but that was for Lenny Kravitz and Leo DiCaprio, which in my opinion is very acceptable and definitely more of her age range! Ellen decided the British singer turned actor was her ultimate “boyfriend.” Okay, so maybe this isn’t going to be a SERIOUS relationship by any means, but hey it’d definitely rock our worlds. Now, I did some digging and as of now, Styles hasn’t spoken out on social media about his new found title of J.Lo’s Ultimate Boyfriend. So I wonder what Drake is going to think about all of this once he gets wind of his woman’s love-confession. Well I’m sure it won’t hurt too bad because as of recent there have been reports the couple has SPLIT for now! Also, JLo posted a cryptic message on Instagram quote on February 4th saying, “Timing is everything. If it is meant to happen it will, and for the right reasons.” I think it’s safe to say JLo is a free woman and can say, date and DO whatever she wants. But that’s always been the case for Jenny from the Block! Alrighty, now I want to know what you guys think of JLo’s confession. Is she a straight up cougar or straight up bad-ass boss queen? Sound off in the comments below!

'The Bachelor': Nick Viall's Ex Andi Dorfman…

Nick Viall is planning his future, but got a major blast from the past on Monday's episode.