Merkel: US relations important, but must also…

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says her country's relations with the United States are of "outstanding importance" but stresses that it must also engage with other key nations going forward

Kurtz: The Jared Kushner frenzy

'MediaBuzz' host Howard Kurtz weighs in on a new report alleging that Jared Kushner is under FBI scrutiny

Sec. John Kelly Calls Leaking 'Borderline' Treason

He was in an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press" discussing the leaked photos of the Manchester bombing.

McConnell faces a challenge passing health care…

McConnell faces a challenge resolving the clashing demands of GOP senators on health care replacement bill.

Tough-on-crime official eyes other policies on…

Carrying a broad mandate from attorney general, tough-on-crime prosecutor turning his attention to hate crimes, marijuana, seizure policies

Source: Russians had the idea to set up the…

A fair and balanced debate over Kushner's role

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From Nikki Haley, another side of Trump's…

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley emerges as the more human face of a Trump foreign policy that has otherwise elevated security and economic opportunity interests

Trump pays somber tribute to fallen troops on…

On Memorial Day, Trump pays solemn tribute to military men and women who lost their lives

Would a staff shake-up help President Trump?

The president returns home to several political challenges after his first foreign trip; James Freeman weighs in on 'Happening Now'

Oregon's first immigrant Latina lawmaker makes an…

Teresa Alonso Leon, one of the first people brought to the U.S. illegally to become a lawmaker in America, has been making an impact as the first Latina immigrant member of the Oregon Legislature

Protest sparks Texas lawmaker threats of gun…

Immigrants from Arizona and elsewhere are urging grassroots resistance against Texas' recently passed crackdown on "sanctuary cities."

Dems aim to grow Trump opposition with…

Democrats to launch movement as part of a '50-state solution' to regain power; reaction on 'Outnumbered'

University of California to end lavish spending on dinners

The University of California has announced it will no longer pay for the meals of its governing board after a newspaper reported lavish spending on dinners

AP Exclusive: Suspected drug thefts persist at VA…

AP Exclusive: Suspected drug thefts persist at VA hospitals after 'zero tolerance' announced

Trump: Fallen soldiers died in war so we can live…

The president delivers his Memorial Day remarks

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Zealous prosecutor leading review of violent crime in cities

Unabashed drug warrior now turning his attention to fighting violent crime in cities

Trump's immigration views cast shadow on Virginia…

President Donald Trump's hardline position on immigration is casting a long shadow over Virginia's race for governor, with candidates in both parties adjusting their focus to more closely match or oppose the president

New battle looming over defense spending

Doug McKelway reports

The Latest: Republican says shooting threat was self-defense

A Republican Texas state lawmaker accused of threatening gun violence during an immigration protest on the House floor says his life was threatened, not the other way around

California House race is a test of Latino, Korean…

A June 6 special election for a U.S. House seat from Los Angeles could be a breakout moment for Korean-Americans

President Trump to mount aggressive defense…

Kristin Fisher reports

A sampling of VA drug-theft prosecutions

A sampling of VA drug-theft prosecutions

Kelly defends plan for Russia back channel as a…

Homeland Security secretary defends an alleged effort by top White House adviser Jared Kushner to create back-channel communications

President Trump issues Memorial Day proclamation

Griff Jenkins reports from Washington, D.C.

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Judges weigh law cutting governor's elections oversight role

Lawyers for North Carolina's new Democratic governor say a new law could increase confusion during future elections, leave unethical politicians unpunished and allow campaign finance tricks to continue unabated

Travel ban to test Supreme Court view of…

The Supreme Court may soon decide how courts are supposed to view presidential power in the age of Donald Trump

President Trump returns to DC facing political…

Politico senior investigative reporter Josh Meyer provides insight