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2 homes being demolished at suburban Detroit sinkhole site

Two homes are being torn down to clear the way for repairs to a broken Detroit-area sewer line that caused a sinkhole on Christmas Eve

Critics scoff at all-male photo of GOP health…

A lack of women in a photo of negotiations over the GOP health care bill that was tweeted out by Vice President Mike Pence is drawing criticism from Democrats

Tucker: Emails show Md school superintendent's…

Tucker reads emails of Montgomery County Superintendent of Schools, Jack R. Smith, whom he says seems more concerned about intolerant language and racist, xenophobic behavior than the alleged sexual assault of a student by an illegal immigrant #Tucker

Mayor: Don't make cops do immigration work

Some city mayors say they shouldn't be forced by President Donald Trump to detain undocumented people. CNN's John Vause and Denver Mayor Michael Hancocks discuss.

Suspect In Jewish Community Center Bomb Threats…

Another suspect has been arrested in connection with a series of bomb threats against Jewish community centers and other institutions.

Lawmaker takes heat over bill that would hide his tickets

A Tennessee lawmaker is taking heat after being accused of sponsoring a bill that would hide his own unpaid speeding tickets from the public

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10 Things to Know for Today

10 Things to Know for Today

Police locate stolen car with 2 toddlers safe…

Two Southern California toddlers have been found safe after authorities located the car they'd been in when it was stolen

Md. rape case defense: Encounter in bathroom was…

Attorney with firm representing one of the defendants in Md. rape case says more evidence will surface that will prove his innocence and reveal the truth about the horrific allegations made against him by a 14-year-old girl #Tucker

Graham: I thought Trump would lose

During the Supreme Court confirmation hearing of Judge Neil Gorsuch, Sen. Lindsey Graham said he thought President Donald Trump would not win the election.

Trump Jr. Bashes London's Mayor With Misleading…

The mayor's comments were months old and had been published under a misleading headline.

Police: NYC man killed grandmother, left body on the street

Authorities in New York City say a 32-year-old man killed his grandmother and left her body wrapped in a bed sheet on a Brooklyn street

Rachel Dolezal struggles after racial identity…

A woman who rose to prominence as a black civil rights leader and then lost her job when her parents exposed her as being white is struggling to make a living these days

Maryland high school thrust into immigration…

Students and parents whose Maryland high school has been dragged into the national immigration debate declined to comment about an alleged rape case involving a 14-year-old girl and a suspect authorities say came to the U.S. illegally from Central America

Coulter: Pres. Trump following Ryan's priorities

Author and conservative commentator Ann Coulter says Pres. Trump is not focusing on the priorities he had as a candidate - illegal immigration and jobs - and is following GOP establishment and Speaker Paul Ryan's priorities

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Electronics banned from cabins on some flights

US officials say concerns over screening procedures at some airports in the Middle East and Africa will require passengers to check in almost all electronic devices rather than carry them into the cabin. CNN's Barbara Starr reports.

Congress Voted To Abolish A Rule Protecting Some…

The Senate voted 52 to 47 to repeal an Obama-era rule on hunting predators.

Police: Woman falsely claims sexual assault by 3 black males

Authorities in Texas say a woman is facing charges after falsely reporting she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by three black males

4 found dead in Sacramento; 1 arrested in San…

Police detained a suspect in San Francisco just hours after finding four bodies, including two children, in a home 80 miles away in Sacramento

Church leader's long legal odyssey over abuse…

A former Philadelphia church official long imprisoned over his handling of abuse complaints may learn Friday if his legal odyssey will come to an end

Rape case inflames the political battle in…

Fox News spoke with the illegal immigrant's defense attorney; Doug McKelway has the story for 'Special Report'

A Woman's Debrief: How Anne Briggs Built Her Farm

For more on Anne of All Trades and her farm, watch the full episode of "A Woman's Job."

2 killed, 18 students hurt when big rig strikes school bus

Two drivers are dead and 18 students are injured after an 18-wheeler truck veered into oncoming traffic and struck vehicles including a bus carrying a Texas high school track team

Black Lives Matter groups joining forces with…

A cluster of Black Lives Matter groups and the organization leading the push for a $15-an-hour wage are joining forces, planning protests around the country next month on the 49th anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination

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Found while cycling Boston's streets: A new…

The Rev. Laura Everett has found a sense of spirituality bicycling through Boston's twisting, traffic-clogged streets

Experts say the clock is ticking at the Oroville…

New federal report states the main spillway must be repaired by November or California faces a 'very significant' risk

Prosecutors: Massachusetts man ran over ex-wife 4 times

Prosecutors in Massachusetts say a man ran over his ex-wife four times in the driveway of their Quincy home, killing her, after they fought over his alleged gambling last year