Facebook, Russia and election propaganda: What…

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the social media platform turned over to Congress 3,000 political propaganda ads tied to Russian accounts which were used during the 2016 election. Here’s a breakdown of the complicated relationship between Facebook, Russia and Congress’ election investigation.

Sen. Thune talks Graham-Cassidy bill, Medicaid…

South Dakota senator weighs in on health care reform proposals

Decision on moving N Carolina Confederate…

A state commission has delayed until next spring a decision on Gov. Roy Cooper's request to move three Confederate monuments from North Carolina's old Capitol grounds to a Civil War battlefield

Early Halloween highway horror: Flaming pumpkins…

In an early Halloween highway horror, a truckload of burning pumpkins blocked traffic on a Florida interstate

The Latest: ACLU sues St. Louis over treatment of…

The ACLU of Missouri is suing St. Louis over what it calls "unlawful and unconstitutional action" during demonstrations following the acquittal of a former police officer in the killing of a black man

Pakistan: Death toll from India attack in Kashmir…

Pakistan's military says death toll from Indian attack in disputed Kashmir rises to 6, India says Pakistan initiated

Delta: Website tricks people who put their pets on jets

Delta Air Lines is going to court to battle a website it says tricks people into thinking they're dealing with the airline when arranging for their pets to fly on jets

Unboxing the SNES Classic Edition

Jeff Bakalar unboxes the SNES Classic -- what's guaranteed to be one the most sought-after gifts this holiday season.

Which parties could run Germany next?

Germans vote for their next government on Sunday, and whatever happens the result will be a coalition.

The New York Times - How To | Activate an Artwork

From The New York Times: Per the artist's instructions, a french horn by the sculptor Darren Bader is used as a serving vessel for sauces – in this case, guacamole.By: By MARCUS GAAB. Watch the original video on Times Video:

Autumn Equinox 2017: Why Friday Is the First Day…

Friday's autumn equinox marks the end of summer and the first day of fall for anybody living in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning colder weather and longer nights are on the way

Senator thinks Sanders won't discuss single payer

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-CT., discusses the latest hostilities between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, Sanders, the Graham-Cassidy bill and why he thinks Sanders won't discuss single payer in a debate.

Matthews: Everyone in the White House is lawyered…

Reports say staffers walk the halls worried that another staffer, one looking for ammo to protect themselves, might be wired.

Confederate Monuments Become Flashpoint At…

Ed Gillespie and Ralph Northam squared off over how to handle confederate monuments during the Virginia Governor’s Debate, moderated by Chuck Todd with NBC Washington.

Our Pets Are Getting Fat Because of Junk Food

Everyone loves spoiling their pets, but all those snacks you call pet lovin’ is making your furry friends fatter. Jose Sepulveda(@josespeulvedatv) has more.

GOP health bill all but dead; McCain again deals…

Sen. John McCain has again deals a likely death knell to GOP health care efforts

The Latest: Russia urges talks to calm North…

Russia's top diplomat says "we have to calm down the hotheads" in the North Korean nuclear dispute and work to promote contacts between the Trump administration and Kim Jong Un's government

France: Macron signs contentious labour reform law

French President Emmanuel Macron rubber stamps new labour laws, despite a second round of demonstrations by protesters claiming the reforms will hurt the middle class and the worse-off. Jagdip Cheema reports.

US stocks indexes mixed in late-afternoon trading

U.S. stock indexes are headed for an uneven finish in late-afternoon trading Friday, as losses among real estate and utilities companies outweigh gains among oil companies

Ann Coulter says she won't attend Berkeley free speech event

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter says she's not coming to "Free Speech Week" at the University of California, Berkeley, amid growing signs the event could fizzle

Uber May Not Be Driving In London For Much Longer

The city's transport authority has a few problems with the way Uber operates.