New internet customers boost Comcast 4th-quarter…

Comcast is reporting a 26% jump in profits as it continued to add internet customers in its fourth quarter

Sugar Alters Brain Chemistry After Only 12 Days

IT MAY FEEL AS IF THE BRAIN IS HARDWIRED TO EAT CANDY, ICE CREAM, COOKIES, AND DRINK SUGARY LIQUIDS BECAUSE NOT ONLY DO THEY TASTE GREAT, BUT THEY ALSO MAKE YOU HAPPY. HERE’S WHY. Clip1-Shutterstock Clip2-Shutterstock Clip3-Shutterstock Clip4-Shutterstock Clip5-Stringr Clip6-Shutterstock Clip7-Shutterstock Clip8-Shutterstock

Vic Keller Becomes New Optym CEO

Instagram Is Ditching the IGTV Button

Instagram Is Ditching the IGTV Button The platform has over a billion monthly active users, but people are staying away from the IGTV icon in the top right corner. An Instagram spokesperson says that is why the feature is being taken away. Instagram spokesperson, via TechCrunch The change means that you will have to spend a little more time finding the service's long-form content. Instagram debuted IGTV back in 2018 as an alternative to YouTube. According to The Verge, it has struggled, with only a small amount of downloads of the standalone app.

Next stop, Brexit: Britain's EU divorce bill…

Britain’s delayed and disputed Brexit bill has become law

Coronavirus Reached The U.S. Here’s What To Know

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Big medical mission coming in 2021

Build a Music Playlist for Your Pet With Spotify

Build a Music Playlist for Your Pet With Spotify Based on what type of pet you own, 'Spotify for Pets' will make a list of tunes. @SpotifyNews, via Twitter As of now, the feature is available for cats, dogs and birds. You can also use it if you own a hamster or iguana. Spotify says it conducted an online survey with pet owners across the globe. The streamer found that most believe music helps pets with stress and makes them happier. It also recorded that over 70 percent of owners play tunes just for their pet. Nearly 20 percent even named their pet after a musician or band.

Long-term US mortgage rates slump to 3-month lows

U.S. long-term mortgage rates fell this week to their lowest level in three months, deepening the incentive for prospective homebuyers although they face eroded affordability as prices continue to climb

Drugs May Be Killing Twice As Many Americans


Eighth grade orientation next week at JHS, JVCTC

U.S. stocks fall over worries about virus…

Stocks fell on Wall Street in midday trading Thursday as investors worried that a deadly virus outbreak in China could continue spreading and hurt the global economy

Why are Fewer Kids Going To Pediatricians?

NEW RESEARCH SUGGESTS A DOWNWARD TREND IN THE NUMBER OF SICK CHILDREN WHO ARE CARED FOR BY PEDIATRICIANS. Clip1-Shutterstock Clip2-Shutterstock Clip3-Shutterstock Clip4-Shutterstock Clip5-Getty Images Clip6-Shutterstock Clip7-Shutterstock Clip8-Shutterstock

American Airlines profit rises 27% on strong…

American Airlines says profit is rising because strong demand is leaving fewer empty seats on planes

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Uber Lets California Drivers Set Their Own Prices

UBER'S 'SET YOUR OWN PRICES' TEST MAY ALLOW DRIVERS TO CHARGE UP TO FIVE TIMES UBER'S ORIGINAL ESTIMATES. Clip1-Shutterstock Clip2-Shutterstock Clip3-Shutterstock Clip4-Shutterstock Clip5-Shutterstock Clip6-Stringr Clip7-Shutterstock Clip8-Shutterstock

'Who is she?' - US Treasury chief takes swipe at…

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is in no position to give economic advice until she goes to college and comes out with an economics degree

Ageotypes: Why Do People Age Differently?

Santa Rosa Junior College's Culinary Cafe reopens for spring semester

Portugal police: Banker in Angola scandal hangs…

Police in Portugal say a banker named in a major Angolan money-laundering and corruption scandal has died in an apparent suicide at his home

Marijuana Dangerous For Those On Heart Medication

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Sneakerheads unite: New shop in Bluffton sells hard-to-find athletic shoes

Cyprus backtracks on claim Turkey stole offshore…

Cyprus' government spokesman has backpedaled on a claim that Turkey may have stolen technical data it used to pinpoint a target for gas drilling in waters where the island nation has exclusive economic rights

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Mental Health At Work

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World airports taking precautions after China…

Airports around the world have begun taken precautions to deal with an anticipated influx of Chinese tourists taking Lunar New Year holidays, just as the outbreak of a pneumonia-like virus in China has prompted officials there to take drastic measures to prevent its spread